Uproar Dance Competition was formed from years of experience within competition dance. There’s a new level of excitement we bring to the stage with HUGE prizes and EXCEPTIONAL production value. We are proud to be changing the way dance is competed, and are thrilled to announce our second season!

Better Care

Uproar offers state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and production value. We strive to bring the best experience in the industry to our customers, and know from our years in competitive dance that the experience of the weekend is much more valuable than the trophy.

With years of experience teaching in competition dance, we know how hard a competition weekend can be for the teachers and studio owners. That’s why we are bringing the Uproar Teacher Oasis on tour with us at each regional event. Featuring snacks and drinks, this will be a safe haven to allow dance educators to relax and take some time to unwind during the hustle and bustle that can be a dance competition.

Regional Championship

At Uproar Dance Competition we want to foster an environment that allows dance students to thrive and be encouraged to continue their training at their home studio. Too often in this industry, you will see dancers be tempted by the bright lights and greener pastures. Uproar Dance Competition encourages well-trained dancers to stay the course with the Uproar Training Scholarship. One winner per city will receive $1000 towards their dance tuition for next season*(1)*. This scholarship is non-transferrable and only applicable to the studio the winning student is enrolled in on the date of competition.

*Studios must register a minimum of 30 routines for students to qualify to compete for the Uproar Regional Championship. Registration for the Uproar Regional Championship is automaticly included for any dancer from an eligable studio who completes a solo.